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1/24th Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

As expected, this Hasegawa kit is excellent. The fit is extremely precise, the proportions are exact, and the engine and interior are detailed perfectly. The only relatively weak areas are the seat belts, which are just decals, the front grill and the hood opening grill which are plain textured plastic. Photo-etched parts would made this kit absolutely perfect.

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The kit's decal sheet included two sets of dash board dials, one with silverly rims and one without. If you intend to use the set with the rims, you sand down the raised rims from the dash surface. If you use the set without rims, you paint the raised rims first and then apply the decals in the recessed area within the rims. A bit of a more delicate work, but the result is worth the effort. I applied Micro Clear over the dials to simulate the lenses.

All the engine compartment necessitated was the electrical (spark plug wires) fuel lines (yellow hoses as on the real car) and the relocation of the oil fillers. For some reason, Hasegawa tells you that they go on each side of the engine just half the way down, but I couldn't find one photo showing that this was the correct location. Instead, the fillers seem to be generally mounted near the front of the engine, on each side of the belt housing.

I did replace the original plastic wire wheels with the Hasegawa photo-etched wheel kit.

Instead of using the kit's decals, I made my own seat belts out of black silky fabric, and buckles out of styrene. The only decal that I used is the center of the central buckle. The plastic grills were replaced with brass mesh.


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